Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman

Willy Loman (the protagonist of „Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller) arrives at a sad conclusion that for 40 years he has been selling fascinating products of modernity to people in distant parts of the world, to finally come to a point when nobody wants to buy anything from him. He gets fired. The need for success, for being exceptional, and for continuation, which he had been cultivating in his sons for years, appears to have created false dreams. Willy, having done a specific “memory sale”, is browsing through his past in search for the missing element, the transaction that went wrong, the one which will provide him with the answer to the question about the reason for his own and his sons’ failures.



Premiere: April 20 – 21, 2013

Stage: main

Admission: full ticket - 35 PLN; reduced ticket – 30 PLN, school ticket - 18 PLN

Director: Iwo Vedral

Scenography: Tomasz Brzeziński

Music: Dawid Dąbrowski

Visualizations: Jakub Falkowski

Krzysztof Ławniczak
Jolanta Borowska
Rafał Olszewski
Piotr Półtorak
Arleta Godziszewska
Dominik Nowak (guest appearance)

Author of photographs: Bartek Warzecha