Jan Jakub Należyty

Three Times the Bed

Him and Her, a husband and a wife in an alcove. Three fights, three important talks, three crucial moments in the life of a certain couple. And everything is done under one quilt. If one attempted to create a ranking of the most important pieces of furniture in a human life, the bed would undoubtedly be on a top position. There is no wonder that the couple from Jan Jakub Należyty’s play is addressing its own passions, doubts, important decisions, and weaknesses within quilt decorations. Three scenes, three nights, three moments of their life, three turning points – it appears that this is just enough to tell a humorous story about a certain couple.

In bed, they lose and find each other, live out passionate drama and a normal, slightly boring everyday life. It is a marital comedy which blends the lightness of style and humor with serious questions (for example: “Which is better: being the breasts of a public service announcement or the face of a pork advertisement? “), interlacing laughter with seriousness, just as in real life.

The lightness and transience of this comedic form is accentuated by songs, written by the author of the play, which are lyrical, funny, full of passion and humor, accompanied by Roman Czubaty’s wonderful compositions.

This play received the audience’s award in the finals of the 1-2-3 Small Dramaturgical Forms Contest, organized by our Theater. There were 77 authors from all over Poland participating in the contest who provided a total of 125 texts.


Premiere: May 2-4, 2008

Stage: main

Admission:  full ticket - 35 PLN; reduced ticket - 30 PLN; school ticket - 18 PLN

Duration: 70 min.

Director: Piotr Dąbrowski
Author: Jan Jakub Należyty
Scenography: Magdalena Wacławik
Music: Roman Czubaty
Live music performance: Romuald Kozakiewicz, Piotr Chociej
Song lyrics: Jan Jakub Należyty

    · Agnieszka Możejko-Szekowska: Her
    · Maciej Radziwanowski: Him
    · Aleksandra Maj: singing
    · Ewa Palińska: singing
    · Piotr Szekowski: singing
    · Rafał Olszewski: singing