Nikolai Gogol

The Marriage

“The Marriage” is one of the most remarkable comedies of world literature and one of the best- known works by Gogol, next to “The Government Inspector” and “Dead Souls”. This first Russian comedy of manners, relating to unfulfilled intents, has chosen common trades people for main characters, not the aristocrats indulged in flirts and love affairs. The protagonists use unrefined, casual language. They use patois. All the characters are presented in a way which is extraordinarily realistic and pulsates with life.

The main protagonist, the mature Agafya Tikhonovna, convinced by matchmaking Fyokla, decides to raise her social position by marrying a member of a higher class. In order to realize this marriage of convenience, Agafya’s bourgeois house is frequently visited by a procession of husband candidates. The characters in this wonderful comedy are sketched out with masterful acuity and a tremendous dose of humor and satire.



Premiere: May 15, 2011

Stage: main

Admission: full ticket 35 PLN, reduced ticet 30 PLB, group (school) 17,50 PLN.

Translation: Julian Tuwim

Director: Piotr Dąbrowski

Assistant Director: Julia Wacławik-Dąbrowska

Scenography: Katarzyna Gabrat - Szymańska

Music: Jerzy Chruściński

Choreography: Wojciech Blaszko

    · Danuta Bach: Agafya Tikhonovna
    · Krystyna Kacprowicz-Sokołowska: Arina Panteleymonovna
    · Aleksandra Maj: Fyokla Ivanovna
    · Piotr Półtorak: Podkolyosin
    · Wojciech Wysocki: Kochkaryov
    · Franciszek Utko: Styepan
    · Marek Tyszkiewicz: Scrambled Eggs
    · Sławomir Popławski: Anuchkin
    · Maciej Radziwanowski: Zhevakin
    · Bernard Bania: Starikov
    · Monika Zaborska-Wróblewska: Duniashka I
    · Agnieszka Możejko-Szekowska: Duniashka II