Olaf Olszewski

Ant Life

A date on the Beatification Day of John Paul II? Why not? There is always time for love. Unfortunately, there is also always time for hatred.

Her and Him. Two lonely people with a load of life’s experiences who seek a kindred spirit. This is a very Polish drama that tells a lot about us, Poles, about our weaknesses and blemishes. It moves, amuses, and surprises. It is very bitter and absorbing, brilliantly written – leaves nobody indifferent. In this play there is no “us” and “them”. There is “we”. Stirred, prone to negative emotions, hurt. Perhaps it is time for everyone to look in the mirror. So that we could laugh at ourselves and maybe even cry. Finally, at least for a while – together.

It is also a play about John Paul II. Not the one that we recognize from effective quotations, kitschy portraits and mawkish recollection cards. It is also a play about the Pope who lives in us. Or dies in us…

And finally – it is a play about words. Words which unite, divide, mean one thing and then another and sometimes lose their meaning completely.


Premiere: May 12th-13, 2012
Stage: foyer
Admission: 35PLN

Director: Julia Wernio
Assistant Director: Julia Wacławik-Dąbrowska
Scenography: Elżbieta Wernio

    · Krystyna Kacprowicz-Sokołowska: Her 
    · Sławomir Popławski: Him

Author of photographs: Konrad Adam Mickiewicz