The TuczyTAMy campaign is part of the PRZECZYTAĆ BIAŁYSTOK [To Read Through Białystok] literary festival which the Drama Theater organizes with the Fabryka Bestsellerów association on November 16-18, 2012. The aim of the TUczyTAMy campaign is to promote reading as well as bringing the Theater closer to Białystok’s inhabitants and the city’s space. In several dozen of unusual places in Białystok, for example at the watchmaker’s, glazier’s and shoemaker’s, in apartment building districts, on city buses, in hospitals, orphanages, clubs and cafeterias, the reader positions will be occupied by Drama Theater actors, Theatrical Academy students and invited guests (government officials, lecturers, journalists). Dressed suitably for the given location, at a set hour, they will start reading aloud selected books.

The city’s inhabitants will receive maps with marked “reading” locations along with a list of books read and the time of the reading experience’s beginning. Aside from hearing book fragments they will be able to familiarize themselves with offers from various publishing houses, buy a given book from bookstalls located in the Theater and meet the invited actors. Many literary publishing houses from all over Poland have engaged actions in the TUczyTAMy campaign by donating books. The readings will be divided into age groups: for kids, for teenagers and students, for adults, crime fiction (evening readings) and erotics (readings before midnight).

The PRZECZYTAĆ BIAŁYSTOK festival, apart from the TUczyTAMy campaign, includes also Wszędy Literackie – a series of meetings and discussions with authors, pickle-bus trips on the trails of Białystok authors’ memoirs.

The action is subsidized by the City of Białystok budget’s financial resources.