(re)interpretations. slap reading

A new theatrical series of reading modern and classical texts which we will subject to interpretation and reinterpretation, reconstruction and deconstruction.

The topics of readings will include social, cultural, ethical, political, and historical issues. We will examine stereotypes, archetypes, objects of cult, and taboos. We will browse through mythology, anthropology, sociology, and philosophy. We will look for sense in nonsense and for absurdity in logic. We will ask questions, induce regression, and cause amnesia. We will provoke reflections, laughter, denial, hysteria, and maybe catharsis.

A slap is a blow to the face. It hurts but enables one’s coming to his/her senses.

Once a month, for three days, three directorial-acting teams consisting of actors and directors work on separate modern or classical dramas. We will experience the effects of their work in a form of performative readings with participation of the audience. Each (re)interpretation edition is accompanied by a panel discussion with the participation of specialists from various fields, e.g. academic lecturers, authors, publishers, critics, theater and media people.

Partnerem projektu jest Wydawnictwo Format-a (dawna Panga Pank).