The Theatre

The Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theater in Białystok is the only facility of this sort in the Podlaskie voivodship. Its main stage can hold as many as 500 audience members.

Among the Theater’s repertoire there are plays for people of demanding artistic requirements, plays which touch upon the problems of contemporary man and the world. Also those people who seek sophisticated humor and entertainment will find something for themselves.

The Drama Theater also has a selection of performances for the young viewers, i.e. adaptations of classic literature for children as well as staging of contemporary fairy tales.

The Theater conducts numerous educational undertakings. There are those for children, young people and adults: theatrical workshops, Fairy Tale Mornings and “Summer at the Theater”).

The Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theater in Białystok also develops new phenomena in the cultural sphere of the Podlasie . In 2013 the Artistic Initiative Scene was created. It is open to our actors, sound engineers, and artistic workshops’ proposals. In 2015 the PracOFFnia scene was opened. It presents the projects created by independent and active creators.