Jean Giraudoux

The Madwoman of Chaillot

Hubert Podgórski jako Aurelia

The financial crisis cyclically haunts humankind. It enters cities and houses on the popping sound of the speculative bubble. It transforms most people into beggars. Yet, for a few it multiplies their fortunes. In “The Madwoman of Chaillot” greedy investors are prone to demolish Paris to turn it into oilfields. They initiate a big game where the future is at stake. In this game, everyone wants to be wise and cunning. The land surveyor will forge an expertise, the chairman will deceive shareholders, and the banker will double-cross stockbrokers. Aurelia, an eccentric inhabitant of the endangered district of Chaillot decides to fight for her city. She declares the end of passiveness and organizes female armed forces.

Will she save Paris from a catastrophe?

Is madness the only weapon against greed and cynicism?

Girandoux’s utopian vision alarmingly winks at us.


Premiere: December 15, 2012
Stage: main
Admission: full ticket 35 PLN, reduced ticket 30 PLN

Translation: Agata Czarnacka
Director: Anna Smolar
Scenography: Kobas Laksa
Costumes: Anna Nykowska
Musical arrangement: Rafał Paradowski
Light director: Rafał Paradowski

   • Agnieszka Maracewicz: Irma
    • Sławomir Popławski: Advisor
    • Piotr Półtorak: Geologist
    • Maciej Nawrocki: Peter
   • Krzysztof Ławniczak: Ragman
    • Katarzyna Mikiewicz: Deaf-mute
    • Justyna Godlewska-Kruczkowska: Constance
    • Jerzy Taborski: Waiter
    • Hubert Podgórski: Aurelia
    • Franciszek Utko: Lifeguard, Policeman, Sewer Technician
    • Bernard Bania: Actor
    • Aleksandra Maj: Jósephine
    • Agnieszka Możejko-Szekowska: Gabrielle, Florist
    • Tadeusz Sokołowski: Chairman

Author of photographs: Kobas Laksa