Martin McDonagh

The Lonesome West

The main protagonists of this play are two brothers who truly hate each other: Valene and Coleman. They are brutal, cynical, and unyielding towards each other. They can start fight even for crisps. They are capable of everything just to mark their dominance. Father Welsh, tries to reconcile the brothers. An alcoholic football fan but at the same time a firmly believing Catholic and a priest, truly living out his vocation. Girleen – a girl who is supposedly “fond of everyone” and surely deals in moonshine, flirts with the priest.

The story begins on the burial day of their father, who was fatally shot from a shotgun by Coleman, supposedly by accident. After the ceremony, Father Welsh arrives at the brother’s house and tries to reconcile them. He fails. His sermons apparently do not appeal to many as recently there were two murders in the village – a husband killed his wife with an axe, and a daughter stabbed her mother to death with a rake. He confesses to himself and the brothers that he is not a good priest because he can not appeal to human conscience.

The story reaches its climax with the suicide of one of the main protagonists. Will the others draw proper conclusions and change their lives? Farcical characters, comical situations, harsh jokes, perfectly written dialogues, and heart-pounding action – these are the strengths of “The Lonesome West”. One could say that it is a harsh and, at times, a “black” farce. It is true. Yet, within this ribald costume one can easily notice genuine human drama. “The Lonesome West” guarantees laughter to tears, tears that may be genuine.


Premiere: April 25, 2008
Stage: small
Admission: full ticket 25 PLN, reduced ticket 20 PLN
Duration: approximately 90 min.

Author: Martin McDonagh
Translation: Klaudyna Rozhin
Director: Gienadij Muszpiert
Scenography: Katarzyna Gabrat-Szymańska, Tomasz Szymański
    · Bernard Bania: Father Welsh
    · Katarzyna Mikiewicz: Girleen Kelleher
    · Rafał Olszewski: Coleman Connor
    · Sławomir Popławski: Valene Connor