Nikolai Gogol

The Government Inspector

Gogol’s drama is taking place between the lightning and the crack of the thunder (as Nabokov wrote). The lightning would be the information that the Government Inspector is approaching to one of the provincional towns in Russia, the cruck – the information that he finally came. The whole story, which is told between those two moments, exposes degenaration of the provincional society, being even more cruel while being based on a disastrous mistake.

The Government Inspector does not appear on stage. The main character of the comedy seems to be fear. From the loss and compromitation. From the stranger. And the more one has to lose, the bigger the fear is. It is the fear that drives the action of comedy. And brings closer the moment of final disaster.

‘The Government Inspector’ asks for the roots of our fear. The machanisms do not change. We still search for enemies and look after our phobies, where we hide our negligence and weaknesses. What is the strongest Polish fear today? What kind of Government Inspector will we create this time?


Premiere: 10th May 2014 

Stage: Main

premiere performance - 40 zl
adult ticket – 35 zl
reduced ticket – 30 zl
school ticket – 18 zl
student ticket – 17,50 zl
tickets for unemployed – 5 zl

*while purchasing min. 4 adult tickets, all tickets available in a reduced price


Translation:  Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska
Adaptation: Dana Łukasińska
Direction and Music: Jacek Jabrzyk
Scenography, costumes and lights: Bartholomaüs Martin Kleppek
Choreography: Mikołaj Mikołajczyk
Stage Manager: Jerzy Taborski
Production Asisstant: Hector Medina

Justyna Godlewska-Kruczkowska – Anna (Horodniczy's wife)
Dorota Radomska - Woman
Natalia Sakowicz – Maria (Horodniczy's daughter)
Bernard Bania – Artiemij Zjemlanika (Hospital's Director)
Jan Jurkowski (guest appearance) – Piotr Bobczynski (Citizen)
Krzysztof Ławniczak – Ammos Lapkin -Tiapkin (Judge)
Sławomir Popławski – Łuka Chłopow (Curator)
Piotr Półtorak – Abdulin (Trader)
Tomasz Robak (guest appearance, student of Hochschule fur Musik, Theater and MedienHannover – Osip
Piotr Szekowski – Stiepan Uchowiertow-Karpowicz (Police Commissioner)
Marek Tyszkiewicz – Antoni Dmuchanowski (Horodniczy)
Franciszek Utko – Iwan Szpiekin (Chief of Post)
Krzysztof Wieszczek (guest appearance) - Chlestakow
Main sponsor of the performance: PGE Dystrybucja SA

The fragments of visualizations from 'Cherry Docs' performance created by Emilia Sadowska were used in the spectacle.

The performance for adults only.

Author of photographs: Bartek Warzecha