Pam Valentine

Spirit Level

Jack and Susie Cameron are a seemingly ordinary, middle-aged couple. He is a recognized crime novel writer, whereas she is a caring wife. They live in a farmhouse outside of London where they lead a peaceful and slightly boring life. It would be perfectly normal if it weren’t for the fact that in reality they do not exist…

Simon – a beginner writer, fascinated by Jack and his literary works and Mary – Simon’s charming wife, have the possibility of meeting with the Camerons. The acquaintanceship will lead to a string of comical situations…

“Spirit Level” is a cheerful romantic comedy which explains, in an unusual way, what is most important in life. The play inspires reflections about the passing of years and lost chances, but at the same time it provides an enormous dose of optimism. One of the roles will be played by the extremely amusing Emilia Krakowska. “Spirit Level” is a wonderful option for a familial evening at the theater.


Translation: Elżbieta Woźniak
Premiere: December 18, 2010
Stage: main
Admission: full ticket 41 PLN, reduced ticket 31 PLN
Director: Wojciech Dąbrowski
Scenography: Katarzyna Gabrat
   · Krzysztof Ławniczak: Jack Cameron
    · Magdalena Kiszko-Dojlidko: Susie Cameron
    · Rafał Olszewski: Mark Webster
    · Bernard Bania: Simon Willis
    · Katarzyna Mikiewicz: Mary Willis
    · Ewa Palińska: Martha Bradshaw
    · Emilia Krakowska: Guardian Angel

Author of photographs: Konrad Adam Mickiewicz