Ignacy Karpowicz


Sońka is a story that takes place on the Polish-Belarusian borderland. It is a war romance without any sentimentalities. The story touches two important areas: a still crude history of Eastern Poland and a quest for new forms of the “theater of memory”.

A chance meeting between a well-known, young director and an old Belarusian on rural road in the Podlasie region gives rise to the story, which heard, it becomes the subject of a new and hard-hitting performance. Sońka recalls the last time the world passing into oblivion, where the wounds are raw and the problems are unsolved. The world of ostracism, violence, conflicting nationalisms, discord and war that was not the worst of tragedies and “gave a fancy”.

A successful, theatre director Igor, who suddenly found himself somewhere beyond the reach of mobile networks becomes a confidant of the history of the title character. He transforms the old woman’s history into a play up to speed, creating his own version of events. And when it might seem that he had already exhausted the limit of ideas, in a rural cottage his place is taken by Ignatius, whom Igor had persistently been trying to forget …

Sońka is based on facts, “great, but intimate; simple, but not easy; calm, but seething emotions; pacifist, yet brutal history.”

In the present social and political situation, this voice may sound incredibly current and fresh.



Premiere: 27 March 2015
Stage: main

regular - 40 PLN
reduced - 35 PLN
school - 20 PLN
student - 20 PLN
for the unemployed - 5 PLN

Director – Agnieszka Korytkowska-Mazur
Adaptation - Ignacy Karpowicz
Set Design – Jacek Malinowski
Costumes – Magda Dąbrowska, Agata Wąs
Music– Yegor Zabelov
Stage Movement – Maciej Zakliczyński
Multimedia- Krzysztof Kiziewicz
Lighting Director – Marek Oleniacz
Assistant Director – Michał Pabian
Stage Manager - Jerzy Taborski

Svietlana Anikiej (guest appearance)
Dorota Białkowska (guest appearance)
Danuta Bach
Justyna Godlewska-Kruczkowska
Arleta Godziszewska
Krystyna Kacprowicz-Sokołowska
Ewa Palińska
Katarzyna Siergiej
Jolanta Skorochodzka
Monika Zaborska-Wróblewska
Bartosz Mazur/Grzegorz Falkowski (guest appearance)
Aleś Malčanaǔ (guest appearance)
Rafał Maćkowiak (guest appearance)
Piotr Półtorak
Piotr Szekowski
Marek Tyszkiewicz
Franciszek Utko
Mateusz Witczuk

Author of photographs: Bartek Warzecha