Paul Portner

Shear Madness

The plot of this play is set in a barber shop called “Shear Madness”. It is the kingdom of Antonio, master of comb and scissors. He rents the premises from Isabelle Czerny – a piano virtuoso. The plot reaches its twist with the murder of Isabelle Czerny. Her body is found in her apartment which is located above the barber shop. The suspicion falls on the barber, the shop’s personnel, and its clients. It turns out that there are two policemen within this group who instantly start conducting an investigation. What will be its outcome? Who is the murderer? The decision will be made by… the audience!

“Shear Madness” is a play based on interaction between the stage and the audience, between actors and audience who give the final verdict based on their analysis of the plot and testimonies of the suspected persons. Excellent entertainment for everyone – because who has never played detective at least once in their lifetime?

“Shear Madness” also represents greatly shaped characters and exemplary acting.



Premiere: May 12, 2007
Stage: main
Admission: full ticket 35 PLN, reduced ticket 30 PLN
Duration: 120 min. (including break)

Translation: Elżbieta Woźniak
Director: Piotr Dąbrowski
Assistant Director: Julia Wacławik-Dąbrowska
Scenography: Katarzyna Gabrat-Szymańska, Tomasz Szymański
Musical arrangement: Robert Leszczyński

    · Rafał Olszewski: Tonio
    · Agnieszka Możejko-Szekowska: Barbara Markowska, barber
    · Ewa Palińska: Mrs. Dąbek
    · Krzysztof Ławniczak: Michał Tomasiak, off-duty policeman
    · Piotr Szekowski: Edward Wurzel, antiqua dealer
    · Marek Tyszkiewicz: off-duty policeman, Commissioner
    · Franciszek Utko: ...

Author of photographs: Bartek Warzecha