Eric Bogosian

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

 „Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll” by Eric Bogosian is the modern man’s portrait. It is full of irony and dour sensitivity which the author has for the protagonists. The protagonists are people who seek happiness through denial of reality. They are assisted by sex, money, and drugs. When the moment of confronting reality finally comes, it becomes clear that the price for denial is very high. Bogosian blows his characters out of proportion on purpose, in order to shock the viewers and encourage reflection. On the other hand, everyone knows that the best stories are written by life from which we would often like to run away. 



Premiere: November 27, 1999

Stage: small

Admission: full ticket 25 PLN, reduced ticket 20 PLN

Duration: approximately 90 min.

Director: Magdalena Klaczyńska

Translation: Sławomir Michał Chwastowski

Scenography: Maciej Preyer

Music: Jerzy Satanowski


Krzysztof Ławniczak


Licensor: Agencja Dramatu i Teatru "ADIT"