Piotr Ziniewicz

Jasełka [Nativity play]

Jasełka is a play which is completely different from the Nativity plays which we are acquainted with. Its assets are warm sense of humor, unpretentiousness, amazing costumes, and great dynamics, with the accompaniment of energetic jazz pieces by Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus, and The Moody Blues band.

It is a chamber play which has been extremely popular among the youngest viewers from the very beginning. Both, children and adults welcomed the carnival convention of “Jasełka” with much enthusiasm. In this convention the sacrum joyfully meets the profanum. The enthusiasm provides much pleasure for the spectacle’s authors…

Come and take part in this gleeful theatrical carnival which is created by the actors together with the viewers!

After the performance there is an opportunity to meet Santa who will give the children gifts prepared by you beforehand (after consulting with the Promotion and Sales Office [Biuro Promocji i Sprzedaży])


Premiere: January 15, 2000

Stage: foyer

Admission: reduced ticket 18 PLN, full ticket 20 PLN

Director: Piotr Ziniewicz

Author: Piotr Ziniewicz

Costumes: Magdalena Gajewska

    · Bernard Bania
    · Justyna Godlewska-Kruczkowska
    · Sławomir Popławski
    · Piotr Półtorak
    · Franciszek Utko: Santa Claus