Petr Zelenka/Michael Frayn

Departures of Trains

 „Departures of Trains” is a play devoted to the condition of contemporary actors. Actor and Actress, in order to save the performance, have to play eight characters together. The viewers see them on stage as well as backstage. We learn about their professional and private lives. “Departures of Trains” by Petr Zelenka, inspired by Michael Frayn’s play “Chinamen”, is a display of extraordinary acting. But not only. It is also a visualization of man’s being torn between everyday life and art, between making money and creating art, between work and privacy. The actors who attempt to perform with no partners on stage is a parable of ourselves, our social incompetence: chasing commissions, pretending to be together, attempting to join many of life’s roles at the same time, creating dummy relationships which are being decomposed by loneliness. It is a theatrical must-see. It causes laughter as well as reflections.


Premiere:  March 23-24, 2013

Stage: small

Admission: full ticket 25 PLN, reduced ticket 20 PLN

Authors: Michael Frayn, Petr Zelenka

Translation: Krystyna Krauze

Director and scenographer: Adam Biernacki

Costume design: Ilona Rechnio

    · Justyna Godlewska-Kruczkowska
    · Rafał Olszewski

Author of photographs: Paweł Grześ