David Gow

Cherry Docs

“Cherry Docs” is a play that depicts a meeting between two people of diametrically opposed attitudes: a skinhead who murdered an Indian, and a liberal Jew supposed to serve as his lawyer. There is absolutely nothing to hint at the possibility of their cooperation. Yet the lawyer undertakes the painstaking attempt at understanding his client’s mentality.

The play, which had its premiere fifteen years ago in Canada, explores problems that still exist in Poland, e.g. the instances of nationalism and racist aggression. One cannot turn a blind eye to them or remain indifferent. “Cherry Docs” does not merely condemn the young neo-Nazi. Rather, it sets out to investigate the possibility of changing his attitude and the true depth of such a change. It also explores the measures one can implement with a view to identifying a person’s character. The play prompts to ask a variety of questions. Is our liberalism and tolerance purely theoretical? Can we remain well-mannered and tolerant when faced with tangible acts of wrongdoing? Can we discern the man in a criminal? And finally: can we define our identity in terms other than being somebody’s enemy?


 Premiere: 25, 26 May 2013

Stage: small

Tickets: regular - 25 PLN; reduced - 20 PLN; student - 18 PLN

Duration: 80 min.

Director: Krzysztof Rekowski
      Author: David Gow
Set Design: Maciej Chojnacki
      Composer: Marcin Mirowski

Visualizations: Emilia Sadowska

Playwright - Dana Łukasińska

Stage Manager: Jerzy Taborski

    · Piotr Półtorak: Dany Dunkelman (lawyer, Jew)

 · Mateusz Witczuk: Mike Downey (skinhead)


Author of photographs: Bartek Warzecha