Theatrical workshops

Since 2006 we have been conducting theatrical workshops for kids and teenagers. Our classes include elementary acting exercises, interpretation, diction work, voice production, and breath control. Meetings are conducted by actors from the Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theater and artists who cooperate with the Theater. Adepts of acting work in professional conditions on all stages of the Theater with the use of our decorations, props, and costumes. It is an exceptional opportunity for them not only to recognize the secrets of an actor’s profession, enrich their abilities in this field, but also to get to know the Theater from the inside.

Contact: Monika Bania  tel. 085 74 99 189

The Drama Theater’s workshops are prepared according to innovative authorial screenplays. It enables young theatrical art adepts not only to play on the stage, but most of all, to be introduced into the world of theater: to its history, traditions, convention, and language. During these workshops we reveal the secrets of an actor’s profession to our participants but also the ins and outs of the theater: the backstage, theatrical utilities, trapdoors etc. There are three stages, four warehouses, thousands of costumes and props that are given at the disposal of our young workshop participants! Everyone is invited to the rehearsals and plays. The workshops end with performances on the stages of the Theater. The workshops are conducted by Drama Theater actors.

Monthly payments: 110 PLN (money transfer should be sent till the 10th of each month to the Theater’s bank account, Pekao S.A. II o/Białystok 65 1240 2890 1111 0000 3110 6502, please enter the child’s name, surname and payment month in the transfer title field, for example: Anna Kowalska, theatrical workshops, October).

10 + Group, children at the age of 10 to 12
13+ Group, teenagers at the age of 13 to 15
16+ Group, teenagers at the age of 16 to 18