TIR – Theater and Dialog [Teatr i Rozmowa]

What is a TIR doing in the theater? Is a bus depot going to be built on the Drama Theater’s grounds? Or perhaps the Theater is relocating to a new office and it requires a moving truck?

TIR, in regard to Theater’s activity is not literally a truck but a series of meetings under the name of “Teatr i Rozmowa” (TIR) [Theater and Dialog]. A truck has large capacity and the theatrical TIR truck refers to artistic capacity. TIR is a series of meetings with the theater, about the theater, which targets at theatrical education of young and mature viewers and at promoting artistic events of the Drama Theater.

TIR is:

-the broadcast of The Polish Radio Theater programs
-Polish Television (TVP) Theater plays screenings
-documentary and fiction film displays, based on plays or referring to their subject matters
-author meetings
-Drama Theater repertoire references
-discussions, chatting about plays seen/heard, exchanging impressions, opinions and standpoints, quizzes, entertainment, riddles, disputes, reflections, affections

The Drama Theater will be TIR’s main seat located at Elektryczna 12 but the TIR truck will reach every place where it is invited: junior high schools, high schools, universities, art centers.

We invite all theater lovers, those seeking artistic experiences, and eristic duel enthusiasts. TIR is capacious. It will contain many subjects, forms, and many artists. It will also hold many Melpomene devotees: expert connoisseurs and inexperienced sympathizers. Come and visit the TIR! Admission is free!
TIR is going on the road.

Driving TIR in the theater.

To experience a direct collision with a TIR truck and survive? Only at the Drama Theater!

Projekt objęty honorowym patronatem Podlaskiego Kuratora Oświaty